SW19 are able to undertake HazMat inspections of existing buildings which assess the composition, condition and potential risk to occupant health from exposure to in-situ Hazardous Materials and Asbestos. 

Our assessments are in line with State and Commonwealth Legislation and we are familiar with the recently published Codes of Practice for Asbestos Control (April 2005) in relation to compiling the Workplace Registers, which then becomes a base for the Asbestos Management Plans.

The SW19 inspection methodology is consistent with National Occupational Health & Safety Commission (NOHSC) Codes of Practice for the Control of Hazardous Materials (March 1994) and Asbestos (April 2005) in Workplaces.

As a guide, the inspections can be divided into three distinct phases;

Identification of the hazard

Control of the risk

Assessment of the risk


This enables the client to actively manage their buildings, making informed decisions based upon the information and risk assessments provided. Any sampling by SW19 is sent to a NATA certified Laboratories for analysis.