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Claisebrook Road and Stow Road

SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged to deliver dilapidations reports on 60 multi-storey residential properties backing on to the adjacent railway line, prior to works being undertaken to extend the railway sidings in proximity to the residences.

The properties were all architecturally designed and unique in nature, including basement areas, loft space conversions and upper floor swimming pools. As such, particular attention was paid to the form of construction and defects which could be typically expected for the structural design.

Prior to commencing on site, the ‘inclusion zone’ was defined, based upon the type of works to be undertaken and expected impact. The properties were inspected both internally and externally, in line with the RICS guidance not on Dilapidations.   All cracks were measured using Guidance, and clearly photographed and scaled to ensure they could be compared once the works were completed.

Existing defects were also detailed, photographed, and potential causes for the defects identified (such as potential localised subsidence caused by a lack of soak well at the base of the downpipe).

SW19 utilised their electronic data collection system to ensure real time reporting to the client. Although SW19 had a proprietary system, this needed to be modified to meet the clients’ specific output requirements.

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