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Fire and Emergency Services

SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged by the Fire and Emergency Services Department to complete a full risk assessment on their emergency training centre. The report was required to identify current risks on the site, and ensure appropriate policies and procedures were in place to ensure ongoing monitoring of the facility.

The unique nature of the site is that ‘real life’ scenarios are created for training exercises, all of which have inherent risk. As such, the key to the inspection was to make recommendations as to how the risk could be appropriately managed. The project was conducted in combination with An OH&S professional, to give the client a realistic report into the both the building structures and operations.  

The inspection identified a number of significant issues with the site. This included issues such as

  • Structural / engineered designs for scenario structures
  • Appropriate signage installed and exclusion zones were created
  • Current standards were attained, such as fencing heights around dams
  • Securing of areas when not in use

The report was presented to the client in a workshop, with each of the elements identified and discussed in detail to ensure that the recommendations were achievable whilst maintaining a suitable level of risk appropriate for the training.

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