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Dept of Housing Residential Properties

SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged by Department Treasury and Finance, Building Management and Works to undertake condition surveys on 209 residential properties, located in the Kimberley and Pilbara of Western Australia.

The scope of works was to provide a condition survey to identify defects, capital works and maintenance required in the next 5 years.   SW19 were required to use and deliver the report in the clients’ standard reporting format.

Scheduling of the project required significant pre-planning, with strict access guidelines in relation to timing of the inspections complied with. Emphasis was placed on the methods of contacting tenants and regular liaison with the regional housing offices to ensure minimal disruption for the tenants.

Specific focus was placed on the inspection of the electrical installations, and provision of smoke detection and alarms to ensure that the statutory obligations were being met. Any damage or defects to the systems were immediately reported to the client. A full photographic survey was conducted, including the switchboards and smoke detectors.

Asset registers were produced, with details of make, model, age, refrigerant gas, and installation date recorded, with all assets photographed. The hazardous materials registers for the sites were updated, to reflect the current condition and risk of the identified elements.

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