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Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged by Department of Health to project manage the installation of four nuclear hot cell units within the basement area of G Block, constructed in 1970’s. The project management included engaging and directing the design team, liaising with key stakeholders on site, tendering the works and managing the contractor through to practical completion.

The project had been initiated two years prior, but was shelved due to financial constraints. On re-energising the project, the client decided to add an additional two hot cells in order to meet projected demand for the isotopes. The requirement was therefore to undertake a full design check on the original design whilst adding the additional space.

The additional hot cells were to be added to an existing laboratory area, with the client requirement to maintain the existing lab fully operational. This required the design and construction of an air tight seal across the existing lab and modification of the existing filtration systems. The lead lined trench on the underside of the slab also required extending.

The implementation of the design required significant planning, with the basement area only accessible (externally) via service riser, of cross sectional area c3mx2m. This area only had footpath access, being in a courtyard, and was the staging area for dropping the hot cells into place. The hot-cells weighed in the region of 16 tons each, all of which had to be craned into the service riser.

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